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101 Posters



At the “7th International Poster Biennale” in Warsaw, kijuro (1978), the poster for my solo exhibition, won a special award, and the Polish art journal Projekt (Project in English) notified me that they had placed it in their permanent collection and planned to run a special feature on it.
This provided me with the impetus to start producing “Conceptual posters” (1980- 84). These were posters where a single word was placed within the poster and the poster expressed images of that word. There were 101 varieties created as a result. Additionally, NON! from the series became the second item to be placed in the Projekt permanent collection, and another pecial feature was run.
The early works often contained humor, but gradually the focus shifted more to the concept itself. I considered the core concept for the entire series to be whether we can doubt the things we take for granted and whether we are capable of changing our conception of such things.