Hidden Accumulated Vision


〈Shot by a Sight〉 の作品一枚が、一単位、つまり一部分だとすれば、
〈Hidden Accumulated Vision〉は、多くの部分から成り立っている全体像を示す為に、
〈Hidden Accumulated Vision〉のシリーズが完成したものを見ると、インテグレートして全体の姿を見せるだけでなく、

Human viewpoints are irregularly stacked, and integrate each memory in seeing things and objects.
If each piece of work in Shot by a Sight is a unit, or a part,
then Hidden Accumulated Vision is a work that attempts to give a concrete form to the fact that
the points of view are accumulated in order to show the whole image that is made up of many parts.
The whole is made up of so many parts that it is dizzying,
and it can be said that the work attempts to give a concrete form to the fact that “blurring of viewpoints” and
“multiple viewpoints” are cumulative, transforming the viewpoints from invisible to visible.
However, when I look at the completed Hidden Accumulated Vision series,
which was not even at the back of my mind when I was working on it,
I feel that it not only integrates and shows the whole figure,  ut also shows the very moment
when the structure of the object that makes up the whole figure is unraveled and collapses.
In other words, it is a work that comprises he ambivalence of creation and destruction, as they say...