Existence Appearance through Insight



If one walks from St. Mark’s Square in Venice toward the left, with the sea on the right, there is a stone bridge. At intervals along the bridge’s handrail, there are stone ornaments. Normally, the bridge is so crowded with people that it’s impossible to take a picture with no one in it, so I went there before dawn and started to prepare my camera. As I was doing so, the stone ornaments caught my eye. Don’t get distracted. Hurry and prepare the camera, I thought to myself, as I returned my gaze to the equipment, but my eyes kept wandering back to the stone ornaments. Not only did this repeat several times, but I even began to stroke the ornaments as though they were works of art. By the end of this process, I had looked at the objects “enough to bore a hole” in them. “Enough to bore a hole” expresses the degree to which I focused my vision. One might say I cherished the objects “enough to bore a hole.” This series of works is the result of my efforts to visualize that situation.