Shot by a Sight


受賞したのは1990年の事で、前年の1989年にベルリンの壁が壊され、ポーランドもその波にもまれ、日本円で1万円が100万ズロチという超インフレに見舞われた。2年後に行われる筈の授賞式は中止されたが、4年後の1994年には前夜祭、展覧会、授賞式が三つの宮殿で行われた。この様な豪華なイベントは我々の時で中止になったと聞く。少なくともわたしが「コンセプチュアル・アート」の道に進むことになったのは、〈Shot by a Sight〉を制作したことが契機となっている。

The first of what I called “Conceptual poster” was a series of 101 silk-screened posters with a single word. The next one I worked on was a series of works with no text on the picture. The work, which won a gold medal at the “12th International Poster Biennale” in Warsaw, has only a small white circle almost in the center, signifying a point seen for the first time. Even though it was the point seen for the first time, it was nothing more than an expression of the metaphysical world.
The award was given in 1990. In 1989, a year before, the Berlin Wall had been torn down and Poland, too, had been knocked about by its waves, hit by a hyperinflation where 1,000,000 zlotys were worth ¥10,000. The award ceremony that was supposed to be held two years later was canceled, but four years later, in 1994, the eve of the ceremony, the exhibition, and the award ceremony were held in three palaces. I hear that such splendid events were canceled after our time. Still, at the very least, it was the production of Shot by a Sight that propelled me along the path of conceptual art.