Events Presented Themselves to Me in Their Logical Sequence


とは言え、わたしは、その様な行為が無駄ではないと思う。すぐに頭に浮かぶ言葉が宇宙。宇宙と言ってしまうと壮大過ぎて、あまりに荒唐無稽に感じられる発言と捉えられるかも知れない。未知の世界と見做され、他者にその取り組みが独りよがりに感じられたとしても、ポール・ゴーギャン(1848-1903)が、《我々はどこから来たのか 我々は何者か 我々はどこへ行くのか》(1897-98)を描かざるを得なかったのは、タヒチの夜空を見て宇宙との感応を感じたからではなかったか。

There are painters who have added many improvements to a work yet it remains unfinished, or writers who have tackled a project yet given up partway through.
Nevertheless, I don’t think such efforts are wasted. A word that immediately springs to mind is “space.” When I say “space,” it may be taken as a word that is too expansive, too absurd. Although it may be seen as an unknown world, an effort that is viewed as self-important by others, was it not Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) who was compelled to paint Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going? (1897-98) as he looked up into a Tahitian night sky and felt connected to space?
Creating can only be achieved by boldly embarking on the adventure of exhibiting that which we thought uncapturable. Even as we think ourselves able to express something in words, we are always betrayed by them, showing how harsh reality truly is.