Perceiving by Sight


最初の作品〈Shot by a Sight〉(1988)を発表してから4年が経過した時に生まれた作品の〈Perceiving by Sight〉。人間の瞳孔がどの様に動くかを機械で読み取り、そこで得られたデータを図式化したものである。

Four years after the first work Shot by a Sight (1988) was presented, this work Perceiving by Sight was born. The movement of a human’s pupil was read by a machine and the obtained data was diagrammed.
When I focused on the act of seeing and understanding all or part of a person or thing –the very objective of this action– I was shocked to find that at each and every moment we have a unique way of understanding what we see. The reason for this is that a human’s perspective changes depending on their emotional and physical state at any given moment. Therefore, the work of this series simply shows how the pupil moves at a given time. Even if someone were shown the same material, the pupil’s path would be clearly different. However, after learning this truth, my interest in the sense of sight grew even stronger than before.