One's Point of View



The image that touches the inside of the white doughnut shape is the image cut out of the outer circle of the white doughnut shape and reduced to the inner circle.
It is just a simple operation of detaching the image from a certain part and shrinking it to create a blank space, but the blank space is not just a blank space, but a space with a depth and transparency that extends far into the distance. It was a great discovery for me to be able to create a space that was not just a blank space, but a space that could be felt as a space transcending the dimensions of space.
On the screen that fearlessly focuses on the outline of a human nose, you can see a white doughnut-shaped blank space, and when you look at the screen along with the images of small circles floating in it, for some reason your nose starts to feel itchy, and you almost feel like putting your hand to your nose. What makes the viewer think so is the effect of the white doughnut-shaped blank space, which can be regarded as outer space, and the refusal of the inner white circle to be on the same plane as the outer image, making the viewer feel that it continues to move subtly while standing on its own.