View Points of Intersection



When I take photographs, I focus on the subject, but as soon as the photography session is going well, an image composed of many layers surfaces in my mind and overlays the scene.
When looking at something intently, we can certainly see the focal point, but even trying to be aware of the surroundings is hopeless. If we change our view slightly and look at something else, the same thing happens. What I meant by “many layers” above was that when we move our view we conveniently do not overlap the same surface or space. Rather, it feels as though our image of the whole is only made up of a collection of vague memories. One might say it is the act of making the vague tangible and clear...
At the shopping arcade on the north side of the Duomo di Milano square... It probably helped that I’d been there many times before. My fond memories kicked in, and I was aware of the scene overlaid with my past recollections.